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In reviewing the literature of the subject of maternal

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many trustiDg patients suffer tedious convalescence

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given. At the present time the patient reports that

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in the right iliac region there was considerable dul

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maternity hospitals in some of the cities of Europe

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trocar emptied the bowel of gas but exudative lymph

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miles into the country to see two children supposed

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dementia organic dementia Korsakoff psychosis and some cases of manic

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live are destructive of even the best psychotherapy in which indeed psycho

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In the last stage the animal develops paraplegia of the hind quarters with

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Jt is not a very easy matter to determine the relative

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he ia feeling decidedly better. He is more cheerful

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from one to two years seventy per cent of catgut liga

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from the oracle of that science which knows nu kings

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meet the emergency without time for research into the

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fant of three or four months plaster of Paris dressings

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of the Tocal cord. The edges of the ulcer have a gray

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so important a part. We have all of as seen the doc

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leu in degree than in any case which I had ever seen

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decidedly less. This condition in mild cases lasts but

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practice all those disasters which ether brought into it. In

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joints in earlier operations in order to remove the

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the catheter that rested in his bladder. This he de

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paper and the foot quickly removed without disturbing

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as to the ultimate value of the operation from a stand

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sclerosis without previous cellular alteration. At the

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gauze dressing. Plaster of Paris bandage was applied.

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and in tubercular meningitis there is no leucocytosis

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prefers a tendon from the tail of the freshly killed

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The midwife informed me that the labour was quite straightforward that

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Section through the tube showed a small blood clot in

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permanence of the results but the results were good enough to demand a

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of course proportionate to the amount of eversion and

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sanitary defect in a house is an outbreak of a prevent

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evident for several years past that the time was approach

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of the danger we must if possible attempt to extract

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made of bone perforated because the faeces will have

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cient to re establish renal activity after entering the

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appointments are the same as last year Dr. Woodward

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cusp slightly marked 39 cusp well marked 15 cusp exceptionally well

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to be that in all probability there are no true glands

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off the weight of the shoulders and head from the dis

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By the term lithsemia is understood the morbid con

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disappeared with the treatment. I think it probably

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serious damage has been done. But no matter how slight

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ter. The patient loses only a part of the urine about

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Hall Building Corner of Market and Seventh Streets for the

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round granulation cells between the muscular fibres.

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operation and should verify it when the stitches are removed. Any alteration

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mal. Apex beat of heart seen in fifth interspace in

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tions only three deaths recorded as directly due to

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trouble and with the complete absence of pain subsequent to the most

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of micrococci in the tissues of women dead of puerperal

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individual case and the average for the cases before treatment commenced was

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dies mentales et nerveuses et F. J. Bosc chef de cliniqae des

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irritability in nerve and muscle it is of the greatest

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toms seemed to indicate an undue retention of morbid

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on diphtheria 107 116 dipbtlieritic paralysis 123 treatment of

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the gut rings devised by Dr. Abbe. It is difficult to

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