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regions was a tumor the size of two fists over which

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affinity for water though not to so marked a degree

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also in the left side aud above the umbilicus and the

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waist up since that time the strain has been from the

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of their virulence and activity though this is not a

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ahow a much more intimate relation between syphilis

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the artery was not a totally occluding one. Only in

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cortex cerebri states Here the nervous impulse is transformed into a psychic

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was no history of masturbation whereas in others there was definite informa

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ation and as safe if not safer in these days of antiseptic

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investigations of the normal and pathological intestines fifteen years ago I

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There was no family history to account for any departure from the normal.

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My face itching unbearably was relieved on applica

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contact between the foreign material and the living tissues to the smallest area

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ceived as occurring with increased demands upon the

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could do anything for themselves but that all the subsequent ones were their

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Action will be taken at this meeting upon several proposed

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amined as often as he may desire npon the payment of thefee

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The following advantages are claimed for this urethroscope l It is light

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two practitioners of Sengilei iu the Simbirsk Govern

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mane institutions and the most Christian of charities.

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general character as those in the large. Higher up in

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distance from the iliac incision to the sacro iliac synchondrosis just below the

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Case of Recurrent Subluxation of both Knee joints Snapping

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clinical and technical aspects of the treatment are well defined but this cannot

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dirty slate color and at the posterior commisaare was

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to the possibility of the enemy obtaining information by tapping instruments

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sweep of ner tongue seemed to give it life and also to raise

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friends and her condition was very much better than

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bad the effect of setting up metritis and double salpin

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Non Malignant Tumors of the Larynx. By W. Scheppegrell

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Prostate removed in thirteen cases with one death. Suprapubic cystotomy in

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that are the very transcripts from nature those ap

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that the pushing together of the vertebrae increases the

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but as the cutting reached and penetrated the inner

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and this was accordingly done. A telegram was immediately sent to Dr.

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of infection by other routes such as the lymphatics. I therefore propose to

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character by prolonged irritation took on malignant

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All kinds of handwork more especially those allowing scope for originality

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sits propped up in bed a few minutes at a time without

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caused his death ten weeks later. The autopsy showed

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of cancer of the uterus four years after ovariotomy.

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syphilis or of vascular degeneration. An examination

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azotaemic who increases in weight on a salt diet is suffering from mixed

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nitrogen percentage with the increase in the undetermined nitrogen that has

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gin of about an inch in all directions. This method

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of a three per cent solution of antipyrin which is the

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purpose may be at the service of physicians in all cases not

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shortening of the femur. The condition does not appear to be progressing.

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front of the astragalus with the scaphoid that is the so

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much of the broad ligament as possible was tied off

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action of the board of that city in reference to the reg

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are unusually large and the incoming stream is directed against the portion

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face marked by several depressed cicatricial places the

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portant to every one who is practising medicine. The

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Patience and con6dence on the part of the accoucheur may be subjected to

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how a pattern could be formed except by sympathetic resonance.

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reported seven cases of varicocele treated by incision

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the use of other therapeutic measures. In the state of shock slowly induced

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operator who was proved guilty of practising medicine


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