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The cartilage will not stand any very violent appli

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sepsis superimposed on a damaged kidney. I have made a practice of

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lateral ascending tract and was unable to find any evi

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the same light and forms a protection for the skin.

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hardening of the teeth both enamel and dentine. If however they are

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set obliquely on the shaft corresponding with the ulnar displacement of hand.

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this section did not injure the ezcito secretory centre

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taken for granted that the kidneys are efficient for all practical purposes and

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sia from the basis of a clinical experience which he

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under this test even though its spine were healthy.

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rare. The affected muscles present the ordinary re

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that there will not be union. All the parts about the

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and much fibrous tissue. Two small glands behind the ear were removed.

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tabes or locomotor ataxia are perhaps more numerous

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to close. At night the flow of bile was great drench

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When an operation performed by skilled hands produces complete cure

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coming weaker until some day there is a collapse end

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a squamous cell carcinoma with secondary deposits in the glands. Eesult

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social maladies being bo called for treatment for curative

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piled both of vboee dlieased oTVies were reraoTed In Ootober or

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Enucleation May 19 1921 Growth in macula half sphere in shape about

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pabulum in the formation of spermatozoa. His theory was supported in some

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abdomen either by stretching the parts especially with retractors or by direct

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ness by rigidly enforced sanitary regulations by rules

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disability with permission to leave the Department of Dakota

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tion by the establishment of large corporations and

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know better to use less fluid than is necessary for

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as from the wound of exit the latter wound in the con

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knee chest position permits more ready access to the

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an induced toxaemia or a disturbance of the balance of internal secretion.

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sulphuric acid is more toxic than the product made from ethyl alcohol. All

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would be many mentally deficient owing to the hardships of the unmarried mothers.

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this occurs there is lipoid in the interstitial tissue and cells. This indicates

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observers object to phenol sulphone phthalein as it gives uncertain results.

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full benefit of money appropriated for their care. The

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Cholera 102 antl choleraio inoculation 198 Hatfklne s method of

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with a history of syphilis and we are now in a posi

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ancillary treatment was carried out before and after introduction of the radium

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tion of them pass through pregnancy and labor without

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angina but does not find the Klebs Loffler bacillas in

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tion for such experiments where pain would be occasioned

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fact that where the lateral deviation accompanies the

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and a greater or less infiltration of the connective tit

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now enters the asylum for neurasthenia and has made

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I think the mirror by all means the best aid to diag

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No. 2 with a thickness of two millimetres and so on.

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opening the size of a pin s head. The right tube and

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commonly seen after the use of the long traction splint.

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all back and affirmed that the decussation does not

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temper arose as if sent by some blast of the stars

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followiug numbers of casei of acote infections disease

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diarrhoea 30 small poz Bradford 4 West Ham 3 Blrmingbam

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who agreed as to nature and treatment. Enucleation November 29 1921.


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