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tubercular deposit in the head of the femur destroys

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however terminating within the first week we do find

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plainly felt along the tract of the ascending colon.

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As to the theory of maternal impressions there seems to

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tality was nine per cent. that of those in which the

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an antecedent history of constipation while Talamon

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continue to do so through continuity of tissue and explains the occurrence

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with the power of concentration even in health we can understand why it

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which to estimate the time which such a process rep

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Surgery for the Fellowship of the Faculty of Physicians and

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Number of Organisms at Peri apex immediately after Operation. Certainly

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uterus by a competent surgeon upon a healthy patient

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shall see further on in this paper. Says the brilliant

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structure begins to change. The sporozoites first appear at either end of the

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of glycerine will act as well in suppository form as

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distention coming on suddenly. Notwithstanding this

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the reasons for thinking that such growths arose in the

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birth of the head and shoulders a tense bladder like

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enclosed in minute sealed glass tubes 3 the radium tubes were introduced

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unsuccessful attempts at suicide for the folRtwing reasons

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abnormalities in the nitrogen distribution to defective liver function. We have

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indicated for intestinal stasis in the absence of gross organic disease.

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have heretofore taken into account but since attention

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product of morbid karyokinesis. According to Cornil

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It is a remarkable fact that these dilutions and the molecular weights of

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position of the feet proper methods of walking etc.

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In this series five cases are noted as having adhesions between the uterus

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furnishes a buttress well fitted ordinarily to withstand

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after the onset of the pain and collapse. Reaction had

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as the navel and also downward in the pelvis the os

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doubly dangerous owing to the careless and unscientific

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course and relations of Arnold s nerve as given in the standard anatomical

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information by the use of the estimation of the urea percentage in a

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committee of the Medico Psychological Association appointed in January

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which might be smooth muscle. Although the structure is entirely different

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called like wens or cysts of Bartholin s glands but

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The ovaries were normal. The autopsy revealed noth

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last two months. In both cases I diagnosed uterine fibroids and fortunately

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healthy. Failure of such large quantities of foul smell

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mixed with sterilised bonillon. In nine experiments

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and do not liquefy gelatin. In gelatin plates they form

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stasis found throughout the vascular tissues of the body.

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we might be almost sure of long life on the maternal

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others by peptonized fluid enemata or suppositories

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foand that resembled the Klebs Loffler bacillus. This

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to the turbinate bones. These malignant growths fre

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treatment of cancer the question of ultimate results is

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though there is evidence that some blue bodies are the degenerated cystic


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