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rigid. In order to eliminate the possibility of any neck reflex as shown

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He took from nine to twenty seven drops of the corn

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beautiful one. The case is one of extreme interest.

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brachycephalic crania while it occupies an intermediate position in the

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ria must be kept back in the body and that these pre

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It is hardly necessary to say that such a nuisance should

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in 1912 recorded one case of amoebic dysentery. Worster Drought 3 and

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in which analytical work is included and of cases which

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ment and so called rest which is often very far from

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It is interesting to look at the matter from another

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Gottstein 25 thinks that the streptococcus symbiosis

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tinct mention of its condition. This is especially neces

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Authors and editors of publications relative to hygiene are

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Ibwin Faibfax surgeon. To proceed to Paris France for

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off with a catheter about two quarts of urine without

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cially in gunshot injuries through the mouth in which

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can obatetrtcians have been accustomed to place the

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tect the child s eyes against acrid and irritating dis

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marked but if improvement occurs in one or the other

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At the end of six weeks the case was dressed and it

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would have been interesting. These results are what would be expected

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has menstruated once since the operation was performed

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segments called deuteroconidia which are the true reproduction spores.

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tions of this phenomenon have been offered but a re

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people are living at the present day in habitations

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it was possible to make strong parasiticides penetrate

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having lived honored of two worlds and looking with

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An hour or two of waiting intervened when a tap at the

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a distinguished homceopathic physician of Boston who

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apex of the pleural cavity a similar condition exists

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and for this reason it would be injurious to ascer

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of technique tend to reduce the danger of operative

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A Pigeon Sixteen Months after a Single Application of

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the phenomena of relapsing experimental arthritis and between 1906 and 1914

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From this time forward his genial presence wul be sadly

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both from trauma and disease I believe that hemicolectomy should be practi

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Thomas T. 6. The Immediate causation of the diseases peculiar

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vania Railroad Company has sent oat a special train

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bigher classes in colleges regarding the dangers to

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lesion if unruptured dries up and disappears after last

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which the excretory organs cannot remove as fast as

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metallic intoxication. They are particularly useful in certain late syphilitic

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ous forms of congestion are accompanied with contrac

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There any newborn illegitimate child is taken and admitted without any ques

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had not recovered its normal condition. On the other

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considerable deposit consisting mainly of organic de

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products rather than that speedy and complete destruc

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and physical condition of these patients seems some

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cleaned away the diseased tissue closed up the open

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capacity since the board was organized nineteen years

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ston s cases justify the assertion that it is a pmmon

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the original bill submitted by Mr. Onthwaite of Ohio

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The man in this case fell from a height of less than

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an official opportunity being offered him for replying to

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and auditory nerve begin to develop whilst when we come to the animals

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nant growths not the cause. The conditions of their

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compared with the difficulty and inconvenience of doing

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