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ing in brief the observations of Gendron Piedvache

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of a book. For long cases cards can be fastened together

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his book. This consists of an inclined plane on which

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suggesting the possibility of strangulation. The dan

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dancing and of the out door sports of healthy young girls.

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writer s obstinate antagonism to one of the greatest

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The glucose tolerance test had however proved of the greatest value in

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unheard of. In a large building rented for industrial

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was done August Slat and the calibre of the urethra

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retted and thoroughly cleansed with corrosive sublimate.

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medullary roots of the ninth vagus vago accessoriDm

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the varicocele is increasing rapidly. 6. If it is an obsta

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institutions of the city where there are a considerable

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sheep very susceptible to anthrax can acquire immu

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negotiations it is impossible that the various con

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hood of the crural ring the sub peritoneal fat is usu

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A Case of Suprapubic Cystotomy in which the Bladder was

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tres in length and about four centimetres at its great

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The following advantages are claimed for this urethroscope l It is light

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give to my questions would cause surprise. The bacte

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confidence that could be justly obtained from what had

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partment nor will the Department assume any sanitary

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be mentally deficient tuberculous or otherwise diseased can result from the

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brane of the intestine it matters not how slight in char

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Incubation Period least 5 days average 18 days greatest

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as these reflexes disappeared after total labyrinthectomy it was fair to conclude

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twenty four hours and also whether it is not a very

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discovery however of a free communication which had oeen

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culties iu the way would be so great that it may never

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only portable elastic simple orderly and self indexing

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region of the pelvis was tilled by the tumor as was

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JalcBch states that it may be so great as to canse a

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among them the mortality was equally great. I may instance that in nineteen

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and he advised that in the present case the cyst should be punctured.

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of the pancreas Chauveau found a condition of hypo

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of the cord just below the medulla and by removal of

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tabes or locomotor ataxia are perhaps more numerous

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The powder should be very finely grained and should

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methods for the prevention of deplorable haste awut

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time or other I shall know the subsequent history of

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exists and this satisfaction is easily acquired by aid of

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the low daily average of 290 in October to one of 281

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peculiar arrangement of the hymen could offer it as

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Various forms of needles may be employed but the or

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carefully measured galvanic current he at once started for Paris and spent several

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touB cachexia does not occur after partial thyroidectomy

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wing of the hospital. It was nearly noon at the end

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eonrage in expressing them and his geniality of manner.

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bral sulwtance and crudting of the base of tbe skull by tbe

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presence of deformity means alteration of articular surfaces with laxity of the

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manner but without success. It would be very important to hear the opinions

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tients with lupus eventually die of consumption. Such

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their biological evolution in harmony with the clini

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had never indeed seen truly arrested caries destruction of dentine always continued

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analyses of the water the author points out that only

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the disease. In the cities we call it the strain due to

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incidence of disease and racial deterioration from this cause we are left with

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that these cysts can but seldom if ever originate from aberrant growth of


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