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believed that overconfideuce is placed in the deduc

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creasing. The view of pathology taken is very broad and

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tincture of iodine the simple as well as the compound

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is a large subcutaneous haemorrhage evidently due to

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in this book but must be content to add in concluding

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SEVERAL cases in quick succession presenting difficulties in the efficient

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mouth and pressing on the fauces. Towards the end feeding became impossible

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rent loops of intestine. The entire small intestine iras

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regular routine together with attention to the general health are all important.

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cal material and the almost total neglect of pelvic

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such cases have been reported. If this fails operative

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acute dilatation of the stomach. Despite repeated lavage and injections of

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tumor this accounted for the return of the hydrocele.

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by the medical officers of health of England daring the

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winter and in some the affection almost entirely dis

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utility consisted in the comfort it gives the patient.

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hair and scalp 822 Jacobson W H. A. the diseases of the male

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justice will look upon the latest endeavor of certain mem

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successfully the whole uterus containing a sloughing

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might just as well never have been published. This is

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The fracture in the first case involved a large portion

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tures inside with portions of the jaw must be done.

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chance these matters were not immediately discussed after marriage and a

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express our views independently of each other s findings as to the desirability

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the pathogenic agent is the streptoooocns pyogenes the

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to send the titles of the papers to the address of the Business

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cannot walk or stand or use the limb in any direction

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dress of his which he had delivered upon a former occa

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allow for possible variations of the urea in the blood but unfortunately in

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effective. The soap selected should be a neutral or

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tions I have seen this operation performed but I have

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trial. As to clinical results so far as it has been

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adjoining agricultural districts the pemntage falls as

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important one and was worthy of careful investigation. Many years ago his own

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a large proportion of all instances from the fact that

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reached a period of eligible viability it became in my practice the workable

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The Bacteriological Examination of Water and the Informa

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covered rapidly from its immediate effect but was de

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seen this happen in an old calcified fibroid which I saw

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time. The harem of the Turk is always supplied with

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Carbolic acid creasote resorcin salicylate of soda

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bladder and it contained a good deal of unstriated muscle very tortuous patent

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the serum there is little known. In the case of the

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appearances are still those of myeloma or simple cyst not of endosteal

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ble explanation in this case seems to be that if the

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affected or only to a light degree and it may also de

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increased accommodations and greater facilities is more

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externally to it at that point. There was a sero puru

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had become adherent. Subsequent examination however of the excised portion of the

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for that is only twelve inches long and a stricture

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Poynton and Paine l were the first to show experimentally the

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board one of which was fatal soon after being removed

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the country all the summer and in the following No

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irregular and intermittent and a systolic murmur is

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stricture which admitted a Mo. 24 sound with difi nlty

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promising cases but with enlarged opportunity and ex

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The essential principle is to ensure bony ankylosis between the astragalus


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