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greater hypoglycemie than does simple removal of the

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Pfannenstiel s method of traversing the abdominal wall. As an unusual com

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was indicated in both animals by the rise of tempera

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penetrate the duct when there is a biliary fistula with

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accomplished scholar such as President Everett or Dr.

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taminated everything in the vicinity. All the intes

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not particularly favorable for the growth of organ

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Murphy arthroplasty left hip January 1918. No voluntary movement

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Answers Prepared especially for Students of Medicine. By

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ical importance on account of the rapidity with which

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June 17 Humerus exposed between deltoid and pectoralis major muscles

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the distal end of the bowel is generally irrigated with

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General Hospital last week the following officers were

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a fish so as to allow the air to pass freely through

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in all acute diseases fevers etc. in convalescence for

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apt to be an atrophic form of parametritia with only

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accurate results but is too troublesome for ordinary use.

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in permanent preservation labelled and hung in their proper place within

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Dr. Leach then told me a most plausible story which

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cercariae known and they are easily verified in any particular cercaria without

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the dog or cat decerebration may be necessary. The reactions may persist

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ment of the University of Pennsylvania. By Richard C. Norris

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ered so as to leave the hospital in a fairly good condi

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think would be well qualified to enter the second year in

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is attempted. By holding this position during gymnas

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therefore to discuss very briefly modern methods of estimating renal and

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acute pancreatitis gives sixteen cases which he has

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called for and the exigency of the circumstances com

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her out of mischief while he was away. He first perfo

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condition of the body but may be merely subsidiary central stations whose

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ahont our care. Our friends were banished from our room

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F. W. Olcott passed assistant snrgeon from Naval Hospi

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wedlock to be assured of decent support and secrecy

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envelopment of any of them by the relatively slow growing cyst. It is

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therefore very little effused matter to be removed

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medicine in the University of Madrid died recently. He was

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ioflnence in one pancreatic secretion is rendered im

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in diagnosis is well illustrated by a case reported by

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enclosed in minute sealed glass tubes 3 the radium tubes were introduced

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attained to render further treatment by fixation un

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rhage. This is proved from the examination of speci

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diseases comparatively. They are acute and rapid in

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enough did not show any glycosuria until her exophthalmic goitre was

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submitting to enucleation and even exenteration without delay

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searcher still seeming to show fragments in the bladder

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belladonna and atropia the latter being best osed by

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position and in the absence of thrombosis were moved freely while in bed

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tion and intestinal obstruction remained he was sent

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oval and polymorphic pale nuclei some of which are fibroblastic are seen. Compare

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thesia so as to give the child rest and to allay the

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to day as one of the best expositions of the etiology of

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induce or tempt the public so to do by means of private

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pressed well down during the percussion nothing more

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washing out the abdomen and taking out all the clots

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antesthetics and others who were averse to having any

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thenic condition and incidentally it was thought best

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