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Arbnthnot Lane. Applicability of the Fartney tool or angular

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through getting the impression of weight from the slow

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publication contains an account of pellagra. It is probable that this account

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Points raised l Should a sub trochanteric osteotomy be done or 2

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fibrous cord. In some cases he says the perforation

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Piperazine Bayer Europhen Sulfonal Bayer Salophen Lycetol

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ough sympathy with medical life and in her descrip

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the many devices employed for its removal e.g. temporarily filling the root

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had had previous treatment for liver abscess and three more described a

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per cent. but from the difficulty of diagnosis we are

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more medicine and expect it to do its work and cure

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siderable tenderness over the lower portion of the ab

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carry. By this she is hampered. In addition to these

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tem of registration of vital statistics that the birth

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impression visual or otherwise is recognized an affection which stands for

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similarity at the time I thought I was investigating the soldiers. It is

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been passed as efficient by the chemist no death due to renal insufficiency

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disease of the sigmoid flexure rectal neuralgia hyste

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can tolerate the finger for a short time only and accu

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be considered in each individual case. Dr. Fitz in his

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cision the wash water passing out of the left inguinal

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Thomas T. 6. The Immediate causation of the diseases peculiar

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gout is soon effective in relieving distressing symp

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lieve full lung inflation should be practised. It is one

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Mind. On the value of examination of tbe blood in the insane.

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ments of the alimentary canal and of nutrition which

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mainly calcium cai bonate. Whilst of a number taken from the dog the

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nry on the sale of such ice. If the ice dealer feels

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saw her she was taken with sudden and severe pain iu

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growth of new vessels and a weakening of the nervous

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labour pains powerful maternal and foetal stress observed.

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the child will cringe. That is dangerous because it

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This concludes a very brief review of the work carried out since the

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be made. This patient was first seen a year ago by a

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cystitis gradually grew worse in spite of treatment

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involved which would have necessitated a wide resection and in some of them

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presumption of the existence of Bacillus pestis to indicate the wisdom of

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played until the rules are so amended as to diminish

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operation should be performed carefully reducing to a minimum the area

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woman is critically ill. There are now in the hospital

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Janaary 23d mnd eight of the nine inmates were bnrned

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examination has been made there have been present only two layers of the

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if any exceptions we have doubtless all of us for years

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mosis appeared on the right thigh as large as a small

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diseases 2 gt cerebro spinal meningitis 18 whooping cough 18

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invalids so called in whom the original disease has en

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different days. This was a case of melancholia with

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The glomeruli were not greatly affected. The convoluted and other tubules were

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vided the patient can be trusted to make a spontaneous

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thousand dollars to the R. S. Frost General Hospital

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which at least will permit the introduction of one finger.

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the radium to get at the new growth is a justifiable one.

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from a laminectomy to relieve pressure of an exudation

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Europeans and all British except one. They had all been on board during

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ache nausea and either no chunge or slight increase

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was prevalent. Tuberculosis smote the Kalmuck recruits swiftly acutely and


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