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from some of the principal diseases in 1893 were as

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reference to operations for stone and foreign bodies in

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than either of the other alternatives. The presence of

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stantly be kept up. In these persons the urine seldom

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The worse hip the right was operated upon in December last the left

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reported There is hardly a meeting of the Philadel

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has mental development in excess but at thirty she is

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has a pronounced effect on a patient that therefore this organism must be

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from all cells were the possessors of this peculiarity.

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that is to say a perfect home for the tourist or in

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piece should be taken from the vaginal portion of the tumour because

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would with no greater risk withstand the external strain of root forceps if

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eases of the major order have no conception whatever of

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the organism belonged to the genus Hemispora. The correct name of the fungus

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cases. The last question which he considered worthy of considerable dis

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three times better than normal in the condition described by Porter is

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this three yards of tape neither of the ligatures was

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provides for a committee of seven citizens including

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Mr. WOODMAN spoke of the extraordinary way in which epitheliomata of the ear

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With regard to the relative irritability of the posi

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atively frequently appear where a consideration of the

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The specimen of cyst wall examined by my father showed epithelial strands

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cent peptone and half per cent salt the indol reaction

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is partly bony and partly cartilaginous. The cartilagi

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lying in women and the results have been good to hear

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from non dilatation caused by inertia or by irregu

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he is fitted to thoroughly perform his duties. In the

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They were cases characterized by a peculiar form of

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granular rounded mass separated from the wall of the oocyst. In its long

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busy inventing some advanced and enlightened costume.

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pearance alone would not have attracted notice as ab

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visible. On the right was a large tortuous tube di

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soon as it is suspected and this should be continaed

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secretion in the follicles and in the remaining genital

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present colleagues at the City Hospital who have all

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testicle. I opened large pelvic abscess on sixth day of illness.

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chitis was found early one morning in bed insensible

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not only establish sufficient safeguards around the ad

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August number of the Century Magazine of the present

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of the rectum it was at first received with iudiSer

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tt the infandibnlom of the ventricle at the pulmonary

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tions jregulated by the attendance of the students at

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the pharynx is assisted by pathological conditions of

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We find however that where there is great pain the anal

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seem likely that this organ in some way controls the formation of diastase

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interference with the surrounding lymphatics did not prevent organisms from

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others. The histories of these cases as far as they

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fierce and hardy Vandals overran the Roman peninsula

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with recent destruction of the labyrinth from the symptoms of which she had

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more recent years the distress has recurred and dar

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symptomatology of pregnancy he knew that failure to bring

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Joseph Price of Philadelphia said that there are many

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times during 1893 from crowded cities where this dis

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I confess compare in brilliancy with the well known

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notism is seen in hysterical joint affections in which

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resistance on the other side of the bone namely the

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Mund6 devote one chapter to the etiology of uterine

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terrupted during lactation. 1 have met with a number

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In October lie again presented himself for examination there being no

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Three Cases of Choroidal Sarcoma with Notes on the Microscopic


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