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He has determined that the heifer after the removal

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the proper actions of the muscles of the pelvic floor.

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practice can easily imagine what were our feelings

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pure culture. Cultivation experiments were also made.

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are smooth and free except for slight limitation of flexion. There is no

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cially to discoveries and improvements of practical

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First Avenue a negress by the name of Sullivan at the

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has developed the most strikingly and which threatens

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charge of the same house officers and visiting physi

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them could enter the cellar. These cases may be con

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watch the progress of the disease and the effect of

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suffered from alcoholism and at the same time had a

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finger. The vaginal canal above this unusual curtain

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Salpetriere has been chosen by the Facnlte de M de

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X aoate ttbrinoas pneumonia 18 chronic interstitial pneamonia 2

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equal little reserve power in the heart may be inferred

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the rubber during vulcanization. On heating it becomes soft and viscous

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Newell O. K. Tbe iutermittent rapid dilatation of urethral strict

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of glucose and sometimes by direct transfusion of blood.

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Instead of throwing away the chances of the patient

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capacity since the board was organized nineteen years

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or in their ultimate distribution. The same rule holds

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frequent detection of arsenic in the dust collected from

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during the illness of the patient to prevent the dis

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aervatire as opposed to the radical operation in cancer

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it became necessary to pack and store all our belongines.

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results often cause partial or complete loss of the sense

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Dot a bacteriam. Its affinities are with the monads

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Milwaukee 2 each Cleveland and Pittsburg 1 each. From

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adults on the other hand as age increases this excess again appears not

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current cases at the Basle Hospital but gives no details.

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would call attention to the importance of the presence or absence of the

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occurrence yet a very varied assortment of circumstances may be instrumental

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etiological factor and in particular beer drinking.

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every time they perform vaccination. It would prob

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for detention why not let them be the mental hospitals with the necessary

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in December was one of acute hsemorrhagic pancreati

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days before and the chain of evidence was complete.

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more reliable owing to individual variations in the length of the lower limbs.

alcohol and the drugs seconal halcion and valium are all classified as

study of nervous action on the liver has been made

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the injections were used under the influence of encour

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ures from a case of puerperal septicsentia Morse J. L. 140 142 a

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a very confusing feature. It felt not unlike a prolapsed

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sharp pain relieved by rest in bed and opium. I made

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Barbier. Arch de med. experimentale and d anatomie path

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nates. When we come to examine this phase of degen

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acute torsion of a fibromyomatous uterus and even when the tumour became calcareous

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out doubt they very frequently are. Now these root tumours are rarely found

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to occasional attacks of violent pain in the epigastrium.

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once to obey the voice of nature which teaches as by

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In three of the above cases a fulminating meningitis followed four days

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to the laity that it is presented in its incipiency

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Paladino Blandini was the first to show that organisms placed in the

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that it is possible for blood to come from the tubes.

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fibroids note the results of treatment and compare these with a fair estimate

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building adapted to the serious work which had to be

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other words the kidney acts as a safety valve to maintain the circulating

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fecting and destroying the cartilage by cutting off its

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relief is said to be a source of much distress to Dr.

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bears to the presence of the disease in one or another

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lead for example or in cases in which there is a large

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