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parts abont the abscess were irrigated freely with per

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I of one grain had afforded but trifling relief from

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geons there occurred in January 1894 a large number

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then showed a loss of corpuscles to 4 360 000 but her

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use of their hospitals and have helped me with their diagnoses.

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display the characteristic features of adenomyomatous tissue of the uterus.

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Surgeon to the Charity Hospital for thirty eight and as

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After a good deal of trouble with vomiting and distension the patient made

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constitutional disturbance and more serious symptoms

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cansative factor of the disease. This is known as a

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of the gland and the disease which following Ord we

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projection at the point of deviation at the first Inmbar

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it is to be controlled was not mentioned. The chief

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books too soon. Physical education must come first and

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The ileo caecal sphincter is as important for intestinal digestion as the

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an able paper by Butherfoord which is the latest con

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tracted. Two quarts of a hot intra uterine 1 4000 bi

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occur in the practice of young physicians it not unfre

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tracts. Haemorrhage into the internal capsule could

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might occur we should have difficulty in recognizing

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ard of medical education will have a favorable effect.

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der favorable circumstances the discbarge in contact

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one of the small pox pavilions at the Riverside Hos

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able to demonstrate by the application of a magnet definite movements corre

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far as microscopical appearances are concerned which is of constant occur

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rapidly increased but daring the last five years it bad

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aged sixty five years. He was born in West Roxbury and

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lion more definite than before. Clinically the case

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The greatest danger in all cases of menstrual retention

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face this started as a peripheral paralysis but on test

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ceptibly softened. The kidneys and spleen contained

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that the cases in which improvement is said to have

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He took from nine to twenty seven drops of the corn

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In this group the average duration of residence in the hospital was about

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distinct species. It is obvious from Dobell s remarks that the main factors

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Department of the Johns Hopkins Hospital there had hee n thirty one deaths

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males suffering from sexual disorder not apparently

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The whole of the growth was destroyed by diathermy and after sequestra had

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fore truly solid bodies together with the appearance

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When vulcanization is complete open the steam tap and let down the

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can be no doubt that if those measures were exercised

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cause. Every surgeon had met with many cases it was the one complication

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attacks recur every two to four weeks and are accom

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food gave him colic he therefore took only liquids. In

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clear of pathological elements and gives a good time test. Pyelography is

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prevent abuse by commercial parties including placing technical restrictions on automated querying.

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cord about an inch from the body. This incision disclosed

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Royal Statistical Society Member of the Medico Psychological

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these organs is not so complete as in traumatic cases.

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the book one of the best text books on chemistry for

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because of the interesting family history. Operative treatment is proposed.

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his patients never a hemorrhage from the bowel never a serious

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sifb acute laryngitis 1 from chronic laryngitis 1 from

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At the oext visit she was better and so I thought I

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Mrs. D. six and one half months advanced in her first


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