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have definitely been found wanting it is reasonable to conclude that blood

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I think that the way to reach these always is by the

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treatment for the immediate relief of distressing symp

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beyond an isolated pelvimetry or the latest ruling on the pelvic conjugate.

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ference to anatomical results. Each had at least six

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Whether this was induced by the sepsis he was unable

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eration makes its appearance in some cases of injary

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Worcester and Lynn 1 each. From erynpelas Boston 4 Brooklyn

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to and that is its sedative action in acute cystitis.

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woman desiring life insurance must he medically examined. He agreed that occasionally

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a simple labyrinthotomy through the promontory and a second lumbar puncture

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membrane on which were numerous vessels of varying size. Orifice of the

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York for 1892. Thirteenth Annual Report of the State Board

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numerous small nodules under the skin and the parotid

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and respiration and no satisfactory explanation for

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pleural exudates gave a bipolar stained bacillus similar

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breathing when asleep. The apex beat of the heart is

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shown clearly in the accompanying camera lucida drawings taken during the

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the patient is to day entirely well with perfectly noimal

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producing menorrhagia is worth following up. The interesting clinical point

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not easy of application and secondly it is quite unreliable. The electrical

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was good except that an uncle was ill for years with

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danger the life of the child should be sacrificed. It is

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elastic and not tense and having its anterior insertion

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capitalized print but a judicious selection would add

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the tension of the abdominal wall made more rigid by

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THE HYPOPHOSPBITB9. For Phthisis and all Diseases of the Lungs.

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was interesting to speculate as to whether post operative dilatation of the

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then places his closed right hand npon the patient s

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evidence or statements as to the actual results accom

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opportunity of studying the health and sanitary conditions of various commu

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eczema there is generally a history of nasal catarrh a

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Patient a male infant aged 12 months. Complete congenital ptosis of

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cation to seek for light as to the cause of the ner

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sensory Jacksonian fit involving arm trunk and leg and lasting about ten

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irregularly into the tissue below often passing beneath

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New World and De Malay and was for some time post surgeon

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her is more liable to be rendered permanent than in

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cians to Asia Minor to inquire into the properties of

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after important points had arisen at the primary instigation of the Ladies

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of special note particularly the results bearing on tbe

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are hereby repealed provided that nothing herein con

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more on the advantages of compulsory detention which of course would include

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degree of M.D. from a legally cuartered medical college or uni

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selves with the reflection that they get the scientific

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thor s statements direct. His ideas are practical and

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the same time rotated the forearm. This was followed

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perience of most obstetricians when it has been unin

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believed that attention both physical and mental to young cases of severe insomnia.

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mology more completely than any other text book in the English language.

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cervix uteri which perhaps was a factor in the cause of

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for forty eight hours at 37.5 C. in broth with one per


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