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position wherein the remaining intact otolith is at rest and so the
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pains in the limbs were complained of but they passed
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include many contributions from writers of wide celebrity and established reputation.
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cating that the instrument was a pointed bit of stone
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clined to believe that there are two forms of diphtheria
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of faulty action is this failure to be attributed 1
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beyond to which he precedes us we lovingly respectfully
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ble and if we have no guide we are forced to take a
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itating that the Bo rd has resolved to adopt the fol
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The cercaria of Schistosomum mansoni was first identified by Leiper during
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o.r per cent peptone and 0.02 per cent potassium ni
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go through life on a diet of oatmeal or weakened by
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manganate acts. As with serpent poison so with mor
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action of the heart and nutritive disorders of various
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ard I diluted each 100 times with distilled water and
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is a common etiological factor but only in the sense of
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substance although the vacuolation would show that for the most part they
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urine has also been known for some time and various methods have been
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care the affection. The tendency having been developed
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M great in those pseudo membraootM iuflammatioDs of
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the cell may however be extensively vacuolated. Von Lenhossek has in con
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d ivery she had a chill and the temperature went up
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this matter but 1 must confess to having been startled
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with illumiaating gas recently admitted to the Long
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lishers can be congratulated cordially upon the genuine
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no question of the diagnosis or of the primary lesion
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This production of glycosuria by bulbar section can
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This is not very different from applying his leverage
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animals not only against the infection of tetanus but
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culty at all and if the operation had been done a year
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the throat in which the diphtheria bacilli are present
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In fact the limit he puts to its use is somewhat too
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cult when otherwise one might be perfectly well and
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Cleft of the Hard and Soft Palates. Naso or Betro Pharyn
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the rider. Superficial lesions he has seen almost en
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Haemorrhage did not create a difficulty although in the case of tubal
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necessary to remove about three fourths of the tissue.
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profession here as Gould was doing in America the extreme importance of its
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lesion is in its nature specific but even then there is
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of epileptics feeble minded and alcoholic habitues
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closely akin to the three several epochs just mentioned
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from a work on physical diagnosis alone Northwestern Lancet.
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cases of child bed fever. Usually these cases could be
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it reduces the value of these negative observations as evidence against the
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nitis the bacillus apparently found suitable conditions
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tion under certain precautions of inert fluids for the
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given in correct Latin. After the organs have been looked
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patient the reduction of vitality caused by repeated
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extension and tuberculin. February 1917 Left hip was affected. August
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high and able to contain a great deal more tissue than
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possible and the relative importance of this cause and of the renal disorder
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definitely become forwards and downwards and that the nasal bones have
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hence are not likely to be overlooked. But the smaller
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compared with the normal. My findings agree witli the description which he
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Case IX. Sympathizing eye excised eighteen months after original operation.
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mortality of this operation as indeed of all very serious abdominal operations
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February 10th the death rate was 19.1. Deaths reported 8 830
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that by correcting them we stop a leakage of nervous energy. We also
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resolted. Tiaie alone will determine whether the dis


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