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tions or relieve neuralgia unless it is given in full

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through the vagina but pointed later in the left iliac

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and its thickness f of an inch. Its weight is 2 ounces.

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to avoid all chance of error on the part of Druggists.

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a fish so as to allow the air to pass freely through

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short the peritoneal cavity cleaned by copious irrigation

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ally increasing symptoms of peritonitis the patient

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years against overwhelming odds in surroundings or in occupations which are

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He was the friend of his patients and prominent In all

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identical preparation could be mside by the follow

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size after six months treatment. The results in other

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is very low indeed. Yet syphilis is undoubtedly very

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sufficiently conclusive but cases corroborated by re

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right lobe being the larger. Pulse 150 of high ten

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the basis of interrupted circulation which also was a cau

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to appropriate the glory of making the great and immor

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instance the coils of small intestine were bound down

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finally became so weak and exhausted from the progress

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ment are a little surprising. I have not had a single

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which will be of interest as showing pretty vividly

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the Board disapproves of too much lenity and consid

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it is merely vicarious so to speak occurring in the

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and are also the only two showing decidual reaction.

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Influenza bronchitis pleurisy and many cases of pneumonia

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In reality divisional and corps headquarters consist of a number of

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cutting operation performed. In all the permanent re

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aised or lowered rotated or tilted into any convenient position. A filter can

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have been made in the small intestine possibly so high

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observations upon the question of unilateral weakness

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mediately altered behaviour of the birds. The cinematograph records showed

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acquire as the manual skill needed iu so many of the

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infect his wife. The initial lesion was upon the vulva.

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sign of uraemia while other patients develop uraemia with much lower figures

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however exactly they may simulate shock are produced in other ways. A

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the individual variation. Speaking broadly variation of individuals of the

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laceration being followed by extravasation of blood between chorion and tube

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In the treatment of surgical shock then the important needs are to arrest

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slowly and the patient first suspecting that he has

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This case is the only one in my experience in which

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tion it rose to over 100. Dyspnoea was so great that

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case to be referred to later. These statistics are in

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offspring and whilst it is obvious that nutrition and environment must have

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If it were necessary the writer could obtain a mass of

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certain peripheral affections and even there it is not

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drainage tube was also passed into the primary wonnd.

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recoverable or improvable mental and nervous disorders and who are willing

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the late attack to an appendicular colic or a very limited

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knowledge of light as an irritant of the skin Finsen

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charge of the discipline and field drill of the hospital corps

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For the week ending April 7tb la Beaton acoording to ob

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sian crania in which the pneumatic processes greatly predominate irrespective

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hemorrhagic gingivitis very tender with superficial ul

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circulation stimulate the pneumogastric apparently

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syphilis causes general paresis. In one of the speci

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Lethe. But after a subsequent consultation with Dr.

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a little byperssmia of the central nervous substance


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