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    stances must assume the entire responsibility of such cases.
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    of the haversian canals. Viability of cells is in pro
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    of New York died at his country residence at South
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    man. He has described the variation of the intervorlebral foramina
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    tial part. However large numbers of high school and coUege stu
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    with a view to the possibility of a septic myocarditis. The patient
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    bacteria. The further experiment was tried of making abdominal
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    between the metals through the water of condensation of the media
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    operation which makes childbearing impossible. Apart from these
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    uncalled for. But clinical experience has made me feel that it
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    WE of our generation unfortunately got most of our instruc
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    successor at the Augusta Hospital of another of this small group of
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    lobe or two half lobes Involvement 2 slight lesion extending further
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    Their lumen usually contains red blood cells and only rarely collec
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    ago and measles foUow ed by pneumonia two years ago. The
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    theory given us as a result of their own experiments is that the
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    The autopsies and microscopic examination failed to reveal
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    to Case I with respect to dicrotism but there is one important
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    very imperfect and few glands can be traced from fundus to neck.
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    in more than half of the cases for 40 patients had received none
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    that Caulk originally suggested its use in the treatment of alkaline
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    similar clinical pictureshave followed variousinfections local trauma
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    negative reactions in carriers. 3 It is useful in experimental work


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