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that less than one per cent of recurrences occur al

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immediately before the material was picked up we Professor Glynn and myself could

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coccus. Acidified and coagulated litmus milk. Formed

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The importance of a free post nasal space can hardly

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the additions made between that time and April 1893

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tubal inflammation so extensive that there is no reason

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The radiographs reveal l old fracture with callus formation of both

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smoking dining gymnastics handwork amp c. As well as these there should be

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of the uterus existed or persistent salpingitis iu which

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five can be correctly designated as physiological.

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of both the interstitial cells and the spermatogenic cells of a progressive

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Italians even seemed able to give any information or

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ous symptoms which occasionally follow the applica

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occur without the pain or other usual signs described

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its activity is finally excited by some condition catarrh

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Extreme conditions of acidosis are met with clinically in such diseases as

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The 2 000 inhabitants of Jutroscbin are about evenly

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It is hoped to secure in addition to this sum a nucleus

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sure Mr. Broderick would none the less continue his search for truth.

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men dying late in life shows that sometimes the degree of regressive atrophy

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ment of vaccination. To abolish any such regulation

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During the past year observations have been carried out on cases in the

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strators show 6r8t the fresh tumors which have been re

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where there was a layer of ovarian tissue gradually

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old adhesions and shows no rent or fissure. A section

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still lower when all operators abandoned silk for catgut.

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schistosoma cercariae. Both in stained sections and in the living ceroarise a

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another kidney is anatomically present and is not pathologically altered even

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arranged in back of Case. A drawer beneath is for Litmus Paper

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aerrations furnished by Sergeant J. W. Smith of the United

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clearly observable. Symptoms of septicaemia appeared

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and when the depth of liquid became sufficiently shallow the larvae managed

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cases of obesity are latent glycosurics i.e. increased fat storage comes into

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these organs the author strongly advocates incision

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actual inoculation is precisely similar to any other

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which will be of interest as showing pretty vividly

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these cases a previous operation had been performed in South Africa for liver

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applying for medical treatment. His opinion based on experience with the

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the removal of the pancreas could not produce its or

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these people as rapidly as possible by unloading them on

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so increase in the polynnclear or other varieties of

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difference in the mortality following the two methods

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of the blow constituting the accident not due to the

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examination of blood films for malaria was interrupted on resuming my search

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disease thus remained of great clinical and pathological

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petuation of the spirit in which his work was done the

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culties iu the way would be so great that it may never

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thorough search was necessary for its detection. Haem

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ing rapidly throughout the city no longer being con

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Ligature of the ureter of one side is difficult of recog

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tinal activity and upset in the adrenalin equilibrium in the adrenal glands.

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of the State of Pennsylvania appointeid under the provi

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serum oozes from them. The membranes of the brain are congested with

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After delivery she made a poor recovery complaining

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tuberculosis through the efforts of boards of health and

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knee chest position permits more ready access to the

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committee of arrangements are planning an entertainment

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This factor in health varies between 60 and 80 showing a considerable


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