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was a tubo ovarian cyst and on the left a hydro sal

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can i take valium for a headache

pain in the right side. He was cold and pallid. For

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History Passed per rectum by a woman during her third labour. The

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Providence and Boston was held at patient s home on

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from the species of bacteria present. In those cases

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rin have shown that these indirect lesions of the base

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bat my advice was not heeded and pregnancy followed.

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attention to the importance of making special provi

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dogs whilst arthritis of the chronic rheumatic synovitis type or osteo arthritis

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Since many of the cases had been undtir tonic treat

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the amendment of existing regulations as to establishment strengths of units

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very convenient arrangement in Adler s sense the unconscious is.

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iliac fossa. An opiate was administered and repeated

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might be the starting point of thrombosis occurring in such operations as

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latter such as curetting cauterization and electricity.

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ette on to the surface of the mixed liquids. A dark

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and that the average number of children of each marriage was considerably

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are not available. In the towns and on the plantations medical advice is

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liver and its excito secretory centre having been severed

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Fresh air and free ventilation rapidly destroy the virulence of

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the views expressed by Dr. Peterson. Syphilis itself

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sary so constructed that they force the foot in the posi

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Physicians practising in every part of the world are

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very similar disease which caused an outbreak in Paris in 1828.

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administration of calcium salts was also ineffective in changing the state of the

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nothing to indicate any change in the marrow of the

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Bomerons and minute the committee calls attention to

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and a button of bone taken out. There was a consid

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discovered that the patient s tongue deviated to the right

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der favorable circumstances the discbarge in contact

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Upon receipt of this report Sir Arbuthnot Lane decided to try radium and

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in causing many things to be overlooked which might effect cure. The old

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patient a woman aged nineteen years entered the hos

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to do so. They were further benefited because after shells had been brought

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Pathologist s report on section Fibrous osteitis with much cellular tissue

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ary 17th at 8 o clock by Assistant Professor Ernst. SabJ et

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Keith quotes the following figures for the British Isles commonalty 67 in.

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laxis has been so nearly lost sight of while surgery has

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Dr. James Ewing said that he had counted the blood

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diarrhoeal diseases whooping cough erysipelas and fever i amp.

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possible and the relative importance of this cause and of the renal disorder

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that the impulse from the diabetic centre in the medulla

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in suppurative pleuritis. Whether in operative work or

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DURING birth the head is subjected to pressure which alters it somewhat

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the small eschar produced in radiating lines from the

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are of a muscle to respond to a spark which will set a

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parts. The corresponding track for the horizontal canal of the sound side

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ovalis. The concavity of the curette should be directed forwards and the

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what obscure that is we have no definite set of pre

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gangrenous tissue. The absence of perforation in this

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Deductions which may be made from above operative investigations are

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the little corpuscles above described. These filaments

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pain in the lower part of the abdomen thought to be

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satisfactory and this companionship is preferable to the solitude of single

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functions after their ablation can be easily assumed by the larger brain. On

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corpuscles in this case. At the first count there had

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extraordinary one and that its true origin was not yet

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advanced dressing stations in suitable situations presented some difficulty but

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however after a while we keep a small working list under

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From wbooping oough Chicago fi. New York and Brooklyn 3

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