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and liquid digipuratum for intravenous use. Occasionally strophan

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observations the weight of the spleen was consider

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either retarded or accelerated according to the presence or absence

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ing to other lands. Something over one hundred years ago it was

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were obtained in the livers and the serous mcnibr mcs of the

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growth processes are confined to regeneration and reproduction

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tion. Usually the liver abscess empties itself par

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three inches below the clavicle in front and below the spine of the

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mcnt was discovered this fact would in itself be no evidence that

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diseased tendencies second as a means in certain cases to obtain

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Case V. A young boy aged eight ears was first seen by me

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does not appear among them. Besse relates the fcllcwing in

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the formation of independent disease pictures. There are however

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although cases of presumed spontaneous j neiunothorax are not

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systolic blood pressure and pulse pressure variations together

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or otherwise and no carriers. Physicians are in part to blame

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unable to work and society is providing for his family. In the other

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