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Summary of the Eesults of the Microscopic Examination of the
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off. The Sioux knows only his pony and the prairie.
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fever if placed near those ill with either of these dis
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should have taken more time and ruptured the bowel as
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out with hot saline and the operation concluded in the usual manner.
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I have only seen one case in which the septic deciduous tooth underlying
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published in Cairo. Of these two were translated from the French one
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anus pneternaturslis conclusions from 676 cases. Annala
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the tube must have been open at the end and the pla
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mental effort and distresB so that steady work espe
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sation of the injections at the same rate as before I
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severe post partem haemorrhage one had a very diffi
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soaked tissue. In the other I found leuoocytosis and
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the quality and quantity of the vaccination marks but
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I found that in good health and in people without progressive caries that
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New York. The Therapeutic Value of Inhalations of Osone by Dr. August
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tion but in twenty one cases panhysterectomy was carried out either because
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always close but the ureters do not close so kindly
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irrational beings and that the very latest and most
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Iiemote Results. In order to advance therapeutic progress it is not
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typical a fibrinous exudation as is found in the pleurisy
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worse. The following day all our symptoms became in
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dee. This time has now passed and I beg therefore to
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fixed on a corpuscle at the side of the field most distant
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Hektoen H.D. Pathologist to the Cook County Hospital
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not quite so large as the one in the right. In free
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to leave the ambulance commander free to concentrate on the weak points
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