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proper manner of moistening the material. The aim should

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the date of employment as acting assistant surgeons to be

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for more than three years longer her healthy ovaries

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which is so distressing both to the patient and her

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ing has always l gt een effected by means of leeches.

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are provided for by the capabilities of her endocrine apparatus.

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plications in the form of spray applied both behind by

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personal equation varies greatly but the prevailing

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an official opportunity being offered him for replying to

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blow for prophylaxis in the diseases peculiar to women.

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pursuing such investigations and correctly interpreting

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and it has been suggested that the tumour is a chordoma.

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eyes were staring bis bead was bent half under him.

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are fully supplemented by thirty five others covering

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The third week both began to drive out a little and in

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warm hearted cordial and genial. As a Freemason he had

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of the spine increasing from the upright position assumed during the day

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exercise on account of soreness and a feeling of stiff

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childish her appetite remained fairly good. Nystag

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and surgical interference was clearly interdicted so the

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breeds particularly bull dogs griffons pugs Japanese and Pekingese. I have

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Six months after there still remained a large amount

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which is so soft as to give an indistinct sensation of

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or at the Medical Museum that the bacilli gained en

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ear are due to primary trouble in the naso pharynx.

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Tbe father is sixteen years old the mother is thirteen

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siders it almost a specific for the disease and if it

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der discussion the infection had gone to the liver by the

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that of cerebro spinal fever and above all there is

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persons registered hereunder and a record of all moneys re

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The Morbid Histology of the Testes in Dementia Prsecox.

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The ordinary forms of root forceps employed become locked in the socket

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bat the consolidation is everywhere less well marked

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profession that every practitioner of medicine should

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leged discovery had been present at the first capital

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over the affected portion of the lung but extends from

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In addition to the foregoing cases the authors have

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tic vslres relatively insufficient. It is probable that

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he has got thinner recently. No blood or mucus noticed in stools.

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That its moderate price makes it easily obtainable by every

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Elliot referred to I also think there is the possibility of

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refers. They are common enough to be familiar to us

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Among the very large number of severe cases of intestinal stasis I have

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Rosewarne reported one in 1916 and Laidlaw 4 referred to three others in

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lead poisoning be has been able to reproduce an atro

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In other cases he had kuowu the treatment for lt 1ys

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professes to treat a fully developed scoliosis by means

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to make this price to you only on account of the great

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executive functions will from time to time be given to it.

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well as the specialist. We are told that a urethra has

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the gravity and duration of the renal lesion. Folin and his collaborators have

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lack the importance which would naturally attach to true cases of yellow

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months attributed to neurasthenia. About ten days ago whilst in bed felt something

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ously counteracts all the good that may come from the

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spleen to the thyroid gland I think some recent exper

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State Board of Health. Boston Wright and Potter Printing

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to radiation whereas those of 7 p and over were comparatively unaffected.


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