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    number of these cases referred for pelvic examination as an aid in
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    best they could do was to appoint respectable men on
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    said to be practically normal. Lost his sexual power
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    most feared disease is syphilis. The symptoms do not
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    pupils poor teeth apex beat in the sixth int Tsj ace one cpiarter
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    supplying the necessities of life to the families of able bodied men.
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    the actual physiological margin of active secreting tissue has been
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    nor is this lessened volume of circulating blood generally recognized
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    there developed bilateral ocular palsies which terminated fatally
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    names. In one of these cases a typical cirrhosis was found at
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    cause she recognizes the widespread custom and feels she is not
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    larities of the surface of the uterine cavity or if
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    treatment of severe typhoid fever. In the presence of exceedingly
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    sible to replace the drainage to what was evidently
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    eosin and by Gram s method. These all showed essentially the
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    hours 91 the engorgement of the cecum and all of the colon
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    group of eight cases consisted of patients in the fourth and fifth week
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    cases 3 marked improvement seven cases 4 no appreciable
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    The use of posters and perhaps coupling with them bill boards
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    lymph glands may make necessary a dissection back of the sterno
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    in the tendons according to Gies and Buerger to the extent of
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    sidered advisable to attempt to secure information in six cases.


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