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a scientific basis in snrgicid cases until the publication of Kausch in

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their children the expression of individuality and independent traits

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emergencies is fully described for those who under certain circum

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earlier part of the first stage the results are not

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jection. Needle points should be of a rather long bevel and ex

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prolonged spasm of the vasa nervorum with consecutive ischemic

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This latter type has usually been associated with some organic

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book is an important addition to the dermatological field. If any

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Furthermore if there is a marked retention of non protein substances

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was enlarged sufficiently to allow access to the ves

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kind. Several cases of cancer of the breast ith lymphatic gland

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parently identical on Sabouraud s glucose agar have not yet been

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urethritis orchitis thyroiditis and cholecystitis all of which have

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to the patients having learned to test their own urines. Children

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following the ingestion of corrosive poisons there may be recovered

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cardiac effects of digitalis particularly in respect to interference with

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ditions this is impossible. So with a strong feeling of injustice some

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Omentum brought down and sutured to parietal peritoneum with

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syringe. The solution thus obtained is centrifuged for twenty minutes

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not to harbor the bug that stalketh by night and biteth uncere

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as long as there is life but normal activation does

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on the general Jiealth was regarded as including a blood picture of

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There was never diplopia. During the past three months she has

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care of a consumptive are il i to prevent relapse 2


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