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role of the Eimeria oxyspora as an serological factor in any disease producing

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process appears to extend into the tissue along the

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April so many cases have occurred in Czenstochov in

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solely apoD nervous causes. In fact cases of this sort

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in vitro for they are nourished by the plasma which percolates between them

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quantity the abstracted portion was replaced particularly so if the saliva were

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you find the duration of the disease is not more than a

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is made quite as impossible by paralysis of the gland

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on hydramnion read to the Society some ten years ago.

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is difficult to decide on labyrinthotomy before the onset of meningitis.

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the number but there are certainly quite a number of

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force if they so elect such measures as are directed

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ODi case of illegal practice is reported from the small

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mental polyuria amp c. The prolonged in dwelling of ureteric catheters sets up

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uria before etherization but the nephritis from which

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strictly confining himself to principles of Pathology

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and trauma in animals would appear to be generally the respective exciting

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indistinguishable from Bacillus pestis. I was shown microscopical specimens

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irregular groups. In the pseudo bacillus there is a

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a constrictor before severing this great capsule. I am

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chiefly only one secretive therefore the prostate be

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celled sarcoma with a slightly alveolar formation. Within three months of

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tain seventy five papers with the discnssions on them

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been oot of print for some time its author feels justified fat

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seems to be a growing opinion that thrombosis rather

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was tuberculosis of the urinary organs. His bacteriological colleague endorsed

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the liver due either to the non descent of the coecum

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ing study of the distribution of pain and cutaneous

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IV. Methodsof Controlling Haemorrhage in Amputation at

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ends were ligatured. His now famous living tube test experiment had

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taken place. In the specimens investigated it was most unusual for haemorrhage to

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why imbeciles and ail degenerates who keep the month

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bed in which it lay presented loculi corresponding to the prominences of the

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At first a three to four year tube was inserted quickly

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the following are especially commended for the nutri

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thrombosis did not consist in altering the technique of operations but rather

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This leads me to believe that the difficulty in feeding

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nection with it and what has been established is timely

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Treatment Haemorrhoids and polypus ligatured and removed January 15

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The administration of the urea may be followed by polyuria. If so

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traction of the papillary muscles only increasing the

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which tend by themselves to the crowding together of

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defect it will be much more liable to prove sufficient

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The various abdominal layers were incised until the

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case of blind intestine no viscera abdomen filled with

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growth but also from implantation infection in the edges of the wound. By

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Years ago when the mortality of hysterectomy was very high an alternative operation

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or to a physician or surgeon who is called from another State to

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over the ureteric opening and the restitutio ad integrum has been surprising.

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ease of the heart gastertis caranomia snppressaricella

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sion can be accepted as of general significance bat it

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Thal gt these cases of polyuria accompanied by an ex

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the difficulties of making satisfactory dissection of that region in the human

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media. A radical mastoid operation had already been performed two years

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injection a certain amount of the tissue capable of

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that a disease iu one half of the brain can produce

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mes as it should be. To these cases Tessier gave the

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fore any operation about the sphincters is undertaken.

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being taught to lift it himself from the shoulder even

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limited to be without some loss of function in the face

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well exposed by reducing as much as possible the facial spur particularly its

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pendent on artificial respiration. In medullary punct


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