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fifteen or twenty years or longer. The proportion of recoveries was noteworthy among

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Or by renal function tests. No ketonuria was demonstrated. The systolic blood

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tions as to their safety presented by the state of the

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year in an article entitled Dr. Morton s Discovery of

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his principal point being that vaccination as a prevent

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of mechanical treatment that is where dislocation has

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appeared and the tooth would then as usual have projected into the cavity

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external os the edge was undermined and bluish. There was no evidence of

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ing and education in school and out should be toward

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not right in his statement that the neuroses were mainly sexual in origin.

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the result that the operation in these early cases has

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Improvement continuous. Arm and face paresis cleared up rapidly.

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Council and was for twenty five years Snperintendent ol the

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a primary resection so I performed a lateral anastomosis between the two

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phthisis was rarely seen. Most of these autopsies were medico legal cases of

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In the estimation of the general renal efficiency the most valuable tests are

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ity are living on a starvation diet. They cannot af

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tissues being of biogenetic origin it affects sooner or later all the active

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sixth are the fatal days and the mortality on these

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For two hours she remained cyanosed her respiration

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modious which impeded the liberty of her movements the

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fiction of our celebrated specialists. Dr. Weir Mitchell


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