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a height of only one foot would be no danger to the

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The Present Status of the Treatment of Uterine Fibroids.

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other operation the second requires suturing of the

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day long and sells dippers or diamonds. She is alone.

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person to whom the same was issued. AH fees received by the

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have little or no influence. It would also seem that

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area practically in contact with the cautery point in diathermy as used for

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degeneration. That on the left side broke off so easily

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days. Vomiting One month ago and again six days ago.

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only ten including those on all parts of the lids both

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on percussion and sense of resistance in right iliac

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of the gland so that all intestinal secretion is cut off

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ary or progressive character the period of the present

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lectures and na one who is interested in surgery should

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hyperaesthesia immediately above the line of paralysis.

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benefit. The symptoms in the second of them started two years previously

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leaves marks resembling scar tissue in appearance and depressed below the

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blood where it becomes a powerful irritant as inert

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and no less than thirty eight foreign countries. The Col

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lation without menstruation and led me to agree with

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ited whereupon it was given per rectum and this was

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in the lung that the organisms had entered the lungs

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go into the syllabus of exercises for scoliosis taught by the Chartered Society.

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Of what advantage is it to become an inteneotaal slab

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tissue that I could. I opened the peritoneal cavity

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desperately ill and only recovered after a long stay in

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of course a still larger number of septic cases which

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the average results obtained by conservative treat

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hook of notes may be can be judged from the follow

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practice 98 cases of libroids 44. of these had been

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transverse myelitis chiefly altbough the presence of a

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no medical man should enter the Tropics without his microscope but the

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Dr. Meyer put his mouth to the canula and cleared it

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Medical Department 2M reoeut inveatlgatlons of the British

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eral hundred years. The peasantry and the inhabitants of

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are not so apparent. There yet remain differences doe

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its contents and the absence of longitudinal bands

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They are well and active. Moreover in all this pecu

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try. So far as the relationship between syphilis and

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seen. This tells us that this is not a case of pure

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of their detection. Enamel however despite emphatic statements to the contrary

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tions of the put. With an accomplisned mind that led him

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tetanic seizure. MacCallum 7 suggests that tetany is an acidosis and this

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as the groop of infectious diseases I mean the class

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In cases when the disease is low down near the anus

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The teaching of vital statistics as an essential part of

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with great ease and safety. In none of these cases is

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tension caused by ligature of the carotid trunks under

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Contrary to the general opinion on the subject it re

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not from the presence of any of the red corpuscles.

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charged with uric acid until after a certain period

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marked luxation of hip joint in flexed position double

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The general conclusions arrived at from the investigations contained in

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irrigation of the external genitals before ftnd after

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was gradually dissected out until the posterior part was reached which was

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testine to that in the abdomen removed the stitches

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