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windows in the rear of the school building are close to

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only made some brief references to the morbid changes in the interstitial cells

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beyond hope of resurrection. Excluding the cured case the longest period

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Before going on to demonstrate the plexus itself it is important to refer

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peritoneum all around with catgut sutures the ends of

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itself and is sometimes the only symptom for a con

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cases that the ionic calcium deficiency is uniformly present it is possible that

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our medical societies this winter. The difficulty and

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severe cases of flat foot. The metal plate it is need

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mastoid process in the skiagram of the skull. A correct interpretation of what

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tions and colotomy. The first is particularly adapted

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to make up the complete pathological picture and may

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and the confinement of more than a thousand consecu

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has diminished in size to a slight extent since the

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look and finally break not mentally but physically

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W. G. Bkaistbd passed assistant surgeon from Naval Hospi

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Dr. Bro wn S uard followed the teachings of Flourens

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composition of urea that is to say because the urine

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eter pulsated like the one upon the left side before

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was experienced in maintaining the lumen of the tube owing to its dilated

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deplorable condition. She had to be swathed in band

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November 9 1921 Again admitted to Lambeth Hospital.

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to expect that sixteen to eighteen minutes of gymnastic

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percentage. It is therefore advisable that the urine excreted each hour should

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eczematons appearances are present to however slight a

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phis prostatsB senilis the latter of which for reasons

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enuresis when the threshold was exceeded. In another caution was certainly

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found that the blood was still fluid at the end of six days.

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whose club feet are neglected till large calluses form

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day for the first time. Nothing could be done for the

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of a satisfactory analytical procedure which exists

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not only from the sinking in of the head but by the

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differences displayed by man with regard to cholers

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tests the dyes were not a success methylene blue being too laborious and

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salivation is much increased by this neglect. Many in

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The lethal effect observed by Christopherson was only secured by use of

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experience with small pox that they should in every doubt

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From the year 1888 to 1899 tuberculosis was exceedingly rare in my

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I suggest that these cysts are all primarily dental cysts usually formed in

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think that mental vigor is greater than the bodily loss

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consider their use a confession of failure. Only when the patient begins to

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not been completely calcified as sections cut without decalcification show the

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the urogenital sinus being shaped like a pear with its stalk towards the

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approx. The sizes and various measurements were checked by photomicrographs

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I opened a lady s abdojnen for a severe case of chronic

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disease in the nasal cavity and to sympathetic irrita

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ago Dr. Manney got into an altercation with a black

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lated with tubercle bacilli in the abdominal cavity. Of

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in myxoedema though to a less degree. It is obvious

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artery without involving the sac in the incision. When

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practically pure cultures of staphylococci and all died

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three or four years ago a year later I repeated the

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Major General Sir W. MACPHERSON said that Colonel Grattan had led him to

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which presented peculiar features. The term sepsis could be extended to


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