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remarks in support of the statements in the preamble.

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amounts in the potassium and sodium tartrates not only failed to cure but

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observers 1 have at various times described the so called coccal bodies.

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preparations for battle on the part of the administrative medical authorities than those

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Polishing any part of the mould with French chalk or soluble glass will

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both from trauma and disease I believe that hemicolectomy should be practi

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in directing our efforts. And tirst let us look at the

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lights used at night in accordance with the alleged

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or National for the care and seclusion of poor tuberca

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as an error in diagnosis might lead to serious con

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marked operation and endeavoring to excise the head

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but let us look for a moment at the normal circula

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sage after the so called failure of other means. As

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same reasons should we make use of the Kraske oper

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in a condition of insensibility to external impres

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tities of food and followed the urea excretion. This

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temperature in the flasks but it remains very fallacious registering say 15 F.

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nutrition. Peritonitis and septic processes may lead

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to this. When this is done a strong support will be

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showed tuberculosis of the bladder with ulceration a rigid inflamed right ureteric

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General History dealing with the Medical Services in the United Kingdom

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have the syphilitic virus in contact with the mucous

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My experience of mill hands coolies and domestic servants was that

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those previously given the same criticism is applicable

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the prostate can be safely removed the patients giving a much smaller

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three cases of carcinoma of the cervix occurring along with fibroids of the

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wounds cauterized before entrance but in all cases in


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