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Home Disinfection the Relation of the Medical Officer

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was brought to a vote and was decided most properly

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the blame for caries on the large carbohydrate intake in children and perhaps

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that a large proportion of the unfortunate results depend

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ophthalmologist instead of the dermatologist as a rule.

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understood explanation of an admittedly difficult question and had argued his point

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Other matters of medical interest of which he spoke

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and kindly took infinite pains thanks to which no un

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is filled the supply is shut off the tube detached

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utmost importance that the nervous system should be kept in

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operation than has been extended to me. I am confident

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distinction between the two poles. Dr. Sachs said he

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favorite and chief obstetrical operation and he asserted

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delusive as it is possible that it only increases the

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in certain high quarters is deplorably retrograde and calculated to do grievous

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tains that stretch from Harper s Ferry to the Missis

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tion of the people by vaccination was a fitting time for

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whatever the explanation of it must not be forgotten.

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an official opportunity being offered him for replying to

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Society I supplemented a previous note I had read in 1887 before the

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only ten including those on all parts of the lids both

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condition is deplored as tending to confuse it with the

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A Synopsis ot Clinical Surgery during the Serrice of Samuel

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between the chorda tympani and Arnold s nerve occurs lower down and quite

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portion who are delicate equal in both sexes. Let the

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ference for the present in the meantime trying rectal

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R. psycopathla sexualis with especial reference to contrary sexual

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Boston 4 Somerville 3 Cambridge and Amesbury 2 each Brook

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been lost sight of from its association with the other

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as an eel slips through your hand. So great was bis

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surface showing its imperfect enamel organ and calcified enamel and dentine


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