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hundred and fifty four cases diagnosed clinically as

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days or later are more successful lies in the survival

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impeded by the enormous clots that form in the nasal

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disfiguring scar can be avoided by Gaillard s method

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firm of truss makers has sent out a circular to physi

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radial deviation which I have treated by gradual extension of the contracted

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illustration of surgery after very stringent selection.

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syphilis seems to be a prominent exciting or etiologi

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goal he may stop. A study of analytical literature and the questioning of

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very extensive sensitiveness seemed to me indicative of

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by the other two affections that the failure to make a cor

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History The disease began two years ago with an abscess over the lower

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These fatalities might happen after almost any operation and after appar

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most excellent authorities who are not yet ready to

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which the lateral deviation accompanies the angular

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be thought to be syphilitic.. They frequently are tn

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phospbatic diabetes or anything else. The term phos

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the BritUh Medical Joumcd the St. P ter burger metU

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the arine has not of necessity anything whatever to do

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intervening four and seven years two cases 8 per cent.

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charge of defraudation the defendant claiming he acted

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tained constantly a very faint trace of albumen uric

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under fifty the signs of general atheromatous changes

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lower lobe of left lung. Slight consolidation in upper

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entirely preventable. But though these two great causes of death after


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