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caustic action of the intra uterine application thus
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gation for his own enlightenment and had conscientiously weighed the advantages and
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resorted to and the blood for the purpose was gener
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Case of Vertigo due to Cholesteatoma of Attic cured by Ossiculectomy 3
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reactions and their value in diagnosis and prognosis
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dysentery. In the absence of laboratory facilities the differential diagnosis
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partment at a military post. Therefore thev cannot take
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liar class of cases affecting the spine it is noticeable I
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condition. This will probably prove to be one of the
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and the location of the two openings is in favor of the
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Washington and Cincinnati 2 each Boston 1. From small pox
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treated for years. But the albumen and casts disap
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In this operation an external fistula is established
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should have the colon well cleared of all faecal matter
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the uterus as the case reported clearly demonstrated
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grip the springs should be strong enough to resist the swelling rubber sufficiently
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under the porch. It is not often that physicians are
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nutritive effects due to lack of its influence begin to
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ing to the law of the specific nature of tissues anc
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cardiac balance is called upon after passing through
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compound with the amino group in the para position. This was my reason
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soon as she came into the open air even if the sky was
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testine was opened in the left inguinal region with
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circulation stimulate the pneumogastric apparently
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the tumor was smaller when the patient was lost sight
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feeling akin to desperation all medication was ordered
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is designed. The author s classification of the forms
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most of tbe hospitals in the city are made at tbe Pathologi
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