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been much interested in. I almost feel like apologiz

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contents of the abscess cavity soiled the adjacent coils

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gious disease among the pupils during the early winter

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at St. Bartholomew s Hospital Member of the Board of Exam

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sioner of Health of Milwaukee expires in April next

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more is the pity do not combine politically for self defence

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have yet been found willing to give us material financial

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In reviewing the question of recovery from mental illness I incline to think

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demic ill December and 1 000 deaths were attributed

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ascertaining whether the nerve trunk has been divided

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and.repeated applications of iodine and acids has been

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cansing the monoplegia and in creating a condition of

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only partially relieved we may claim that that particular surgical procedure is

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ter Somerville and Tannton 1 each. From measles New York

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he lies down with his tongue out panting rapidly fluid dripping from his

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bling somewhat in this respect the dise amp sed ovary.

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to the epithelium is infiltrated by a few polymorphonuclear leucocytes and by

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harnessed to each cart. The load being largely composed of dried dust dried

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was due to septic peritonitis. I took the precaution to

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racial variations as any other species let us examine the evidence we possess

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been directly or indirectly afiected by the extension of

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disease situated just above the internal sphincter which

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purations of larger sise might be helped oat by blood

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Worcester A. What might be done by the Obstetrical Society to

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Burrell H. I. The after treatment of operations for appeudieitis

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not found clear proof there. Freud s own dreams form perhaps the most

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favorable prognosis and applied electricity with equally

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numj transverse incisions being made as there are in


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