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water for intravenous use. Di ortho di amino thio benzene or intramine does

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far from the important factor of hereditary and acquired

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to examine 116 boys 16 were discarded for the following reasons 8 had

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concussion in the ordinary surgical acceptation of the

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ing to the profession who could perform such a feat.

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keep at work. It is true as Dr. Watson cites from Sir

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be late in its establishment. The hypertrophied heart

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On the Significance of the Extra Cusp commonly found on the

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appear to us therefore that estimations of fibrinogen are likely to prove of

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an equally large number have affirmed that glycosuria

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decai Price the author agrees that every case of general

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occurrence in New York City as he has seen not less

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years ago possibly still there were two headings Remittent Fever and

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one of the most eminent gynaecologists in New York

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was in a case admitted suffering from pyelonephritis with a widely oscillating

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commonly seen after the use of the long traction splint.

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colleagues was called to her at the Maternity Hospital and by Cesarean section

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falls within the limits of their range of periodicities. Whatever the connexions

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from this very well. He was not conscious of a bunch

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toxic effect on the hepatic parenchyma but cause no pathological changes in

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into the determination of this question as I stated

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easy in every instance to decide at once as to which of

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overlooked as the amount of swelling was so great that

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a bulging staring expression so marked as to attract

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did not take long. After thorough irrigation of the

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relative proportion of tubercular to other cases of broncho pneumonia in my

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bones and the end of the tibia so these parts were all

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the salt in the proportion of about seventy five to

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the squares are counted has much to do with the result

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ne exactly confined to the parts of the skin affec

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to the close of the eighteenth century although from


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