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fore different types any of which may be present or be associated

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pered by an inefficient anesthetist but that he had other troubles

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use of these agents is commonly due to myocardial degeneration

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places of detention. What was intended to be treated as a disease

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and in less than twenty four hours after the patient went to bed.

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a mushroom shape measuring about three quarters of an inch in

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This represents the shortest duration of this infection recorded in

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ment is made upon those who are below weight nor on thoso who

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iness connected with his brother s estate and there died in

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their parents. The little boy who loves his mother may be jealous

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Place. The resistance of anthrax spores in infected earth is of the

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lected does not support the theory that the malady is very frequently

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properties and indications has within a few years become so ex

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of the cases. The objections to the method are that

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The ridge of the right trapezius muscle was very tender and the

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ExD Results in Years after Operation of Gastroexterostomy.

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Findings. Appendix found to be entirely gangrenous with fibrin

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pharmacologist a visiting pathologist and a visiting

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The techniciue of administration the actual area to be anesthe

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would of course be necessaiy that evidence be procured of a previ

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spasms of the bloodvessels as to cause gangrene and sloughing of

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Yet another necessary phase of the war against prostitution

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increase of the total number of infections of almost

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most important is the streptococcus. This intimate connection


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