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hours. This washing and centrifugalization were repeated four
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The Cause of the High Transverse Position of the Fetal Head
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the milkman has not yet arrived when we sit down to breakfast.
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transfusion was only done after protracted hemorrhage had failed
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organized blood clot which is one inch in diameter
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Case I. Female aged forty five jears. Operation upon the
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of the state board of insanity shall be obtained in writing.
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children wish to see them develop into useful and efficient adults.
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Some vipers may have been brought over in the Kent or per
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Family History. Mother and two brothers died of pneumonia
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distribution of the cases may be made more rationally
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thirteen it is found that 2.1 per cent were registered as illegiti
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Toronto. I suppose Toronto is not very different in this respect
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education. Many parents can easily be instructed so as to be com
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The diseases of this class which call for reduction to day such
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bility of the excretory test of Rowntree and Geraghty as a means of
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observed in the elastic tissue of arteries have constantly attracted


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