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ise amp se which is communicated from one individual to

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comes strained proportionately in double measure dur

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nent and especially where there is reason to believe in

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disease and throughout these books especially the later

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flexes are usually exaggerated over the tender areas

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word in expression of my appreciation of and interest

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disease although the recovered ones are left with de

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lation experiments at the Pasteur Institute last year.

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at operations performed in the hospital of the club.

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lotions or the continuous bath are used solutions of boric

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books too soon. Physical education must come first and

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patient left the hospital at the end of three weeks

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intervals for many years were the effect of tempora

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models of the mouth show the present condition of the teeth. The right

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creased in the right iliac region. Bowels were moved

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lished the blood counts of 48 cases last summer in all

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pression of the carotid on the circulation in the tumor.

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and that if it were possible to suppre.ss it society

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end of the cervical canal. The discharge is slight

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tunica albuginea of twenty four cases of general paralysis were 16 5 and

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second the patient s life was in jeopardy as shown by

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body to nearly double its normal length exploring the surrounding surface in

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Tenderness in the right erector costal angle is frequent in disease of the

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Bemittaneei thould be made by money order draft or regitlored

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The following differential diagnosis is given In the

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The interstitial cell consists of a more or less eccentrically placed mass of

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necessary to remove about three fourths of the tissue.

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fifth ribs. There are no such bony musses on the right

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not infrequently exist in the same patient. A third

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gestive of some disturbance of the circulation as dysp

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bolic acid is very limited. I have seen all methods

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bat there was laryngeal stenosis and tracheotomy was

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years. A surgeon s family will receive the interest on

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this cannot be undertaken without greatly increased

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syphilitic nor have I observed a positive Wassermann reaction in the blood or

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ligation and shortening of the scrotum. An incision

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Dr. Holmes was born in Halifax Plymouth County Jan

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tumours which if not definitely and heyond all doubt malignant had certainly

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size at the end of periods varying from one to eight

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from censure knowing well that the majority of physi

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centration has its full effect. Hence urea retention. A recent case of mine

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and feeding on man of war s rations the ulcers rapidly

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usual length of the incision the stitches were not re

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the tradition that cases of tonsillitu do not acquire

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This was moistened with water every day during the voyage.

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flat in bed and kept flat until all equivocal symp

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a community entirely unprotected either by previous

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MacLean has suggested Lancet June 19 1920. The necessity therefore arises

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from those in non pregnant individuals in three respects the urea content of

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of the jaw up to and covering a portion of the ear and

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the Roosevelt Hospital in a dying condition so that no

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also shown there being two long incisions instead of

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tin before re education methods bad begun and again sis months afterwards.


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