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both feet a large number will be seen to walk straight

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great steps and so faithfully have ail the trusts and condi

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and if any of us should fail to find the pancreatic duct

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features are to be noted diplopia on looking down and complete immobility of

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public asylums to which patients are taken in stages

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none of these was there any increase so that in these

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who is unable to lift himself out of the depression

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Operation by an incision parallel to the right costal

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up a hated handwork. Later washing up done to its strains became a

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of the operation he was thoroughly bathed and an an

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Committee 1129 Walnut Street Philadelphia not later than

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any great value in the clinical management and prognosis of these cases.

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disease is now reported by Dr. Gryglewicz of Jutro

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the case of Germany since the law of 1874 went into

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simulate other diseases. Caspary 4 remarks correctly

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removal of an impacted third molar in the quiescent stage can rarely be

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which the operation is justifiable is very limited

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dorsum of the ilium. This is the asual termination.

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pressure from accumulating gases the doctor says adds

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In cases when the disease is low down near the anus

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vaccination should be performed with perfectly lean

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from the fact that a nioderate delay in the process

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encountered in the moistened skin may be disregarded.

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toli as a more accurate means of localizing galvanic

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a good deal of pressure was borne by the hip because

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time I believe there are but few cases in which socceK

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do not say that medical boards are always right and lay

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tic treatment as we have tried as a matter of observa

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lege s chances of success in such intercollegiate contests

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Dr. Charles L. Dana s recent paper on neurasthenia

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fact that the heat rays must be occupied in melting the

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Loring s examples of venous thrombosis especially as

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whether the suppuration is caused by organisms trans

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assistant assumes relatively to the patient is represented

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of the OS and subsequent immediate extraction of the

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Patient has not had an epileptic seizure since the operation

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to me there was a slightly suspicious spot I did not

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we may find in this direction the reason why the Leishman Donovan

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number of cases are not as valuable as they would be

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tion 646 Hilton. John rest and pain 317 Holden s manual of the

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conclusions help us to see the reason for its prevalence and although these

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for flat foot is useful except that it has the disadvan

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much inflamed. A smooth pedunculated tumour can be seen attached to the

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they are extraordinarily sensitive to changes in the blood supply. It was

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long as similar preventive measures are not compul

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Arm movements are of very little use. Thigh movements influence the

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tinct mention of its condition. This is especially neces

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Whether this was induced by the sepsis he was unable

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trochanter was then divided with scissors. Tbe bead

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